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<font color='#000000'>The day started with a 5am alarm clock call, with rain still pouring down i loaded the car and pick up the scotman achie.The roads were quite clear so the route to wales were traffic free,with the welsh hills in sight the sun was trying its hardest to shine throught.First stop the cafe for breakfast in caernafon center where we caught up with master don and his wife,whom was to meet up with chazz and sail on board &#39;cruisin time&#39; with phone calls to order the eels and to see were chazz was, we finish the grub and set off  too see a man about his eels.The rain held off until we launched the boat, but as always it poured it down as we steamed out towards chazzy boat, with mist thickening we couldn&#39;t see for more than 20 yards, so safely fishing in the straits was the order of the day.Just out towards the water tower channel, we drifted with live eels.Trying to judge the wind against tide i&#39;ll had to guess where i would cut the engine to start the drift.First one we were out by 20 yards and was over the channels but achie had a take on his rod but never connet with the fish.Outside the bays mouth, achie had a good take, again this time the fish was hooked and a fight was on, he had a 11ft sowbe sea blue spinning rod rig out with very small bullet lead and  5 ft of 6lbs ghost line tie with 2.0 fine wire hook.With the light rod in actions the fish give a very good fight and the dreneling was felt by both of us to bet it was a bass.But the first sight of the fish was greeted by the muscles of a true khan of the sea, a mackerl of over 1.5lbs

With a few more drifts and more big mackerls taken on the eels, we did  notice small fishes jumping out of the water, so with this in mind we set up Tsunami lures, these were part of a sponser tackle we recieve by rubber lures is weigthed just right for casting good distances from the boat.with the tide on full flow the lures were working full on bottom to mid water.Again achie didn&#39;t take long and the take on his rod was quickly taken to hand waiting for another tell tale.This time he was ready and this fish felt heavy but the fight wasn&#39;t as good as the mackerl he had early on.
A bass of 1.5lbs with the lure set in its mouth.I never had any takes, but with the light set up achie was using i quickly swop over to lighter breaking stain hook line.The tide was begining to change so had the winds, so we sail towards number 10 bouy, but this drift didn&#39;t produce anything.We set off again this time towards the deep hole outside ronnie&#39;s, i had to position the boat just outside the edge of the hole with 20 ft on the sounder we both cast out the lures towards the hole and slowly twitch the lures back toward the boat within seconds achie had a good take but couldn&#39;t connet, with my rod held i had a take, left for another sure signs and stuck into the fish, with care taken a bass of 2lbs was in the net.
The day was slow, with the fish finder not showing any movement of fishes at all.We finish off with 6 very good size mackerls taken on eels and a bass a piece.It proves that on the day not many basses were swiming about and few that were,was feeding on small bait fish.Thank you Sea Fishing Supplies for saving the day.</font>
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