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Set out of the Hamble yesterday morning hoping for a cod. Perfect conditions. Motored down to the Nab area and became part of a huge fleet looking for fish.

Shortly after dropping the anchor there was a huge splash about 20 metres off the starboard bow. We turned around to see a massive bluefin tuna chasing a shoal of fish. Very impressive sight. Was well over 150 lbs.

After that excitement we got back to fishing. No big fish to report probably because the whiting were relentless. An some stages we were getting three at a time. Must have landed a couple of hundred fish including some monster ones of around 4lb.

Overall we had bass, conger, dog, starfish and whiting. A very enjoyable day.

EDIT. Just watching Tuna Wars on TV. The fish we saw was as big as some on that show. So 250lb or more. Nice to see even if we can’t catch and land them.


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