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Thursday - Ian, Adam and myself arrived about 9-30 after picking up 100 raggies in Stranraer at the Sports shop. We launched at Port Logan in bright sunshine and very little wind.
First stop was for some mackerel, an hour later we were glad we had got the ragworm, not one mackerel!!!
Spent a few hours catching plenty of pollock, mostly under 2lb, but occasionally getting a better fish upto 5lb.
When the tide eased we headed offshore to get the first couple of hours of the ebb, managed a dozen mackerel before anchoring in 130ft of water.
Nothing for half an hour, but when the tide started, so did the fishing. Plenty of bull huss to about double figures, many letting go of the baits at the side of the boat, saving the wrestling match to unhook.
Adam struck another bite and was into a good tope, got it about half way up before the fish headed back to the bottom, got the fish back to midwater, when it came off, checked the trace, no damage, just unlucky.
Adam was unlucky with his last tope also, which tail slapped his face, knocking his specs into the water, never to be seen again.
Tide too much by this stage and decided to retire to the Clash via the Port Logan Inn.
Friday - late breakfast in caravan at Clash, before getting on the water about eleven, bright day, but wind steadily getting up. We had hoped to get a few mackerel for the freezer, but only got one.
Managed a couple of codling and pollock, and came ashore about three as it was getting a bit lumpy.
Two enjoyable days, we have struggled all year to get mackerel at Logan, but no problems in Luce Bay, and highlight of the weekend was meeting Snatcher at the caravan site.
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