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Just got back from what turned out to be an excellent evenings fishing,if i was an American Red Indian my name tonight would defo have to be 'Two Rods Nodding' they never stopped from the first cast to the last. Went to a mark on the higher end of the Exe that we usually frequent in the winter months,took rag & peeler just fished light.First off it was the schoolies which got progressively bigger by the cast,8 landed in total best being 2lb2oz ( all returned ) then to my surprise this fella popped up........
1oz short of 2lb (not returned sorry Stu) as it started to get dark the snotties started to show, so after a couple of knackered snoods decided to call it a night.All in all an enjoyable few hours.:thumbs:
No Chub tonight.!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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