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Got a week off of work, and after seeing some old university mates over the weekend I decided to do a spot of fishing at Ty Croes.

Packed the car up and found that I've left my camera at work, thus I've got my fingers crossed I don't catch any record breakers after dark as I've just got my phone camera for the week! :unsure:

Arrived at TC around 17:30, my initial plan to fish my normal ledge was instantly foiled, breakers sweeping over the top so one of the high ledges it was :uhuh:

Set 1 rod up with an up-and-over rig with 3/0-2/0 Pennel baited with Mackerel fillet and squid, set my 2nd beachcaster up with a 2-up 1-down boomed rig and size 6 hooks using rag and lug baits.

Due to where I was fishing, and the difficulty of returning fish safely the scratching rod was 'retired' after 45 min as the single Coalfish I had went belly up on landing, so not wanting to repeat this I just focussed on the 1 rod.

Basically, from 1830 to when I left it became a doggy bash, bites within seconds of hitting the water always dogs, 'cept for a small Whiting that threaded it self onto a whole squid and mackerel fillet cocktail.

Lost count of how many doggys I hooked, however I only managed to land 4 as they kept spitting the hook as I was winching them up the cliff, not really bothered about this, as apart from 1 a year for species I can live with not catching them :yawn:

Finished at 21:00 final scores 4 dogs, 1 whiting and a coalie so another species ticked off.

Didn't see a soul in my entire time there, it is a daunting mark to fish on your own after dark, however the clear skies and lack of light pollution certainly show the stars up. Never seen so many!

May go back over there tomorrow or Weds to see if I can get my Thorny.

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