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Despite vowing to give up on the ray for now, last nights tide forced us to go back to Ty Croes as we couldn’t think of another mark that fishes well on the ebb. So me, Steve and a mate of ours Gwyn arrived there about an hour into the ebb armed with peeler, frozen sandeel, mackerel, squid and black lug.

We hoped the doggies wouldn’t be as much of a nuisance as they have been on our previous sessions, especially before dark but no such luck! First cast and a doggie each, the doggies came fairly steadily after that but we did get a few small whiting and Steve had a codling. Once it got dark though the doggies attacked any bait or combination we tried within minutes of us casting out. I won’t bother posting any photos, I’m sure everyone knows what a doggie looks like.

It wasn’t all doggies though, Gwyn was fishing one rod with a big mackerel bait into a small bay and had a good bite but was bitten off and I lost a decent huss at the waters edge that we estimated to be around the 5 – 6 lb mark. After that it was on with the conger rigs and it worked, Gwyn managed to get a nice little strap around 4lbs But he’s a bit shy about me posting the photo :laugh:

and I managed to land a 6lb huss

This raised our confidence for a while but the doggies were soon back on the feed with a vengeance and by the end of the night we’d caught over 30 of them between us.

The tides are better for next week so we’ll be back on the trail of bass and with a bit of luck, avoiding the doggies.
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