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Me and Stampy (from the NW forum) had a trip over to Ty Croes yesterday, first up, we spent 5 minutes clearing all the crap off of the platform we was going to fish, it was a real s**t hole, Ammo frozen bait bags, Aldi bags and long lengths of line over the rocks!!!!!!!

Started fishing around 17:30, was getting a lot of small knocks from Coalies, had a few on a small 2 hook rig, but the larger fish baits remianed untouched apart from the odd rattle from curious small fish
As it went dark we fished larger fish baits on a variety of rigs with hooks ranging from 2/0 to 6/0, the doggies started to show as the small fish rattles slowed down. High tide was around 21:30, was getting bites up to high tide and down until around 1:00, then it went quiet and shortly after we packed up!

The highlight of the night came in around midnight, stampy connected with what he though was a good doggie, it came up fairly quick and then started a few good lunges, from where I was, I could see his rod tip vibrating and it was looking very not like a doggie at this point, evenetualy a nice Bull Huss came to the surface, with a few well placed steps down onto a lower ledge that was getting some swell, I landed the fish for him.
It tipped the scales at 10lb 7oz' great fish mate, well done
I took plenty of pics which should be on later

I ended up with 5 doggies, 2 flounder, 5 coalies and 1 whiting, Stampy had a couple of doggies and coalies to go with his huss

All in all, a good nights fishing! I like Ty croes, it's a real nice place, but it doesn't look so nice covered in a pile of fishing leftovers!!!

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