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Hi All,

Me and Steve A fished Ty Croes last night, still in search of those elusive ray. We arrived about 7 armed with frozen sandeel, mackeral and squid and 20 lovely peelers, the weather was spot on and our expecations were high for a successful session.

It was't long before tha action started, unfortunately it wasn't the ray we were after but the usual Doggies

In between the Doggies we did get a few small Whiting

and I caught a small Dab

Eventually at 10:30 we realised it wasn't our nite at Ty Croes so we decided to catch the high tide at Cymyran.

We set up by the channel to start with and it was literally seconds before we were into fish, more bloody dogs :giveup: I caught 4 in my first three casts including two at once on both hooks of a pennel. We'd had enough od dogs so as a last resort we moved further along the beach. Finally as the tide started to ebb, the dogs seemed to let off alittle bit and we managed to bag a few small Coalies and we eventually called it a night at about 3 am. All in all it wasn't a bad night but we're still waiting for our first decent ray session of the year.

Tight lines,

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