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Decided to give ty croes another bash, so headed of to
the island via f4u shop, beaumaris, for bait and then to
my favourite peg.

No swell and and sunshine, for a change !!, set one rod
up at distance for rays, the other, two hooker, close in for
Bites came at a steady rate, nothing of size though,

A nicely marked micro dab

A cracking bite and a helluva scrap landed this

And of course these

Thats how it went through the day, whiting and dabs close in,
dogs at distance.
Around 6ish the sun hazed over, and straight away the ratchet
went, a couple of clicks then stopped, a couple more, then stopped
third time struck into it, oh yes !, a bit of weight, it's no doggie,
shortly after landing this little beauty.

A nice thornie.

The dogs and whiting continued into the night,

Packed up at 10 .30, went home a happy chappie,and
a pleasant change to fish without several layers of
clothing and a floaty on, summers comming :clap2:

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Well done Degs, great report and nice thornie :clap3: . Glad someone's having better luck with the Ray than we are.
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