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Fished LW up on a calm night (Monday 29th) - plenty of whiting, still annoying dogfish numbers, a rockling and a good dab. 20 fish landed altogether, 4 for the pot. All standard baits produced, regardless. Needs to get a bit colder IMO before better whiting (>12 oz) and the chance of codling in rough weather arrives. This was the case last year, and quite unusually the best whiting fishing was in Jan-Feb, compared to 01-02 and 02-03. The only cod I caught last year (6.5lb) was a day or so before Xmas. Another fish or two were taken by people over New Year. Right now, sea feels far too warm for the time of year. In fact it is pleasantly warm to the touch, compared to a frosty beach. Is this the shape of things to come?? The window of opportunity in Cardigan Bay could begin only just before the Winter Solstice!

Cheers - John
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