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Uptider/Wrecking rod

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I am just getting round to updating my boat fishing gear again and want get a new lighter versatile outfit of good quality which will handle much of my regular inshore fishing and be usefull for light pirking and lure fishing over wrecks. I have been told that the ABU Suveran 6-10oz is a good choice and a SHimano Calcutta 700. The reel may be expensive but it handle anything thrown at it and will cast well and lay braid lines evenly.

Any ideas or recommenations welcome before I blow my money. Even where to buy them at the best price.
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hi mate ive just started uptiding myself,and the two rods i use are the penn powergraph 4-10oz and the abu premium 4-80z both rods are fine for what i do, my mate has the shimano model which also does the bizz,my reels are both multis one is the shimano corsair 410a the other abu 7001,both left hand wind,the shimano casts better and further but the abu has the more powerful wind which is the nutz,hope this helps

You must decide on what you want to spend, Abu rods are excellent as are the Daiwa range. Whatever you decide buy the best that you can afford, do not buy cheap rubbish. Before you purchase your reel, decide who is going to service it. If you are going to do it yourself think about the Abu 7000 C3 or 7500 C3, both are excellent reels for both uptiding and downtiding and are much easier to service than the Shimano reels. I would suggest that when you purchase your reel you also purchase a spare spool. One spool loaded with mono for uptiding and one loaded with braid for downtiding.

I always use Poingdestres of Southampton for my gear, their prices are are competitive and their service is excellent.


Use a Daiwa TDXU 4-10 and it is absolutley brilliant for all fishing you mention, This gets used with a 7000 and the combo works a treat.

Re Poingdestre's, This is the best tackle shop I have dealt with. All problems are sorted and all advise is sound.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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