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Hi Guys,

I’ve been reading quite a few articles about uptiding and the methods used on the continent. It seems that many of the continentals fish mostly Uptide (due impart to lighter tides) and use fixed spool reels with 3metre plus rods.

I know that due to poor technology in the past we here in the UK stayed with the multipliers. The FS of the past having had poor line lay and ineffective front drag systems (only a few of their many faults).

During my carp match days, I was caught-up in the “method feeder” revolution on the commercial lakes, where you were having to get masses of groundbait out to a 80-100 yard far bank or island feature to even stand a chance of featuring (winning weights 100lb plus).

The manufacturers soon “cashed-in”, consulted the specimen hunters and improved greatly on their previous efforts, particularly the Shimano Baitrunner series (personal preference at the time).

I now see these reels or their “off-spring” everywhere in sea fishing. Have there been any converts or do uptiders still consider multipliers best for the job?

One method that particularly interested me was the use of a FS for under-arm casting away from the “scare area” during slack tides. This gave the angler the chance to search out fish in different swims at no great distance, a multiplier having the tendency, to “birds-nest” or not achieve the same distance with ease.

I particularly liked the sound of this method, as I am usually fishing on full charter boats where fully charged lobs are not permitted.

Having said that I have made a New Years Resolution to do more uptiding (going on limited numbers trips).

I’d be very interested to hear your comments on the continuing FS debate and anything else uptide!!!

Speak soon “Lofty”
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