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Its all about understanding how to use a FS reel. Personally I am happier with a Multiplier, but if all I had at the time was a FS, no problem, just be aware of the limitations. Big fish, large weed rafts are not a problem, be cautious with the drag setting erring on the light side and take your time.

If you were talking, wrecking/downtideing 20/30lb line, 1-2lb leads, its a multiplier job, but light boat casting and uptide fishing, I think a FS would be a pleasant change??

After all, I will be fishing for bass this weekend, drifting, fly fishing and spinning, the spinning set up will be with FS, I might get a double, (in my dreams:unsure: ) I wont be worried about it if it were to come on the light FS outfit, are we a little bit blinkered?

If it came on the fly rod, :blink: :boat:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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