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a mate of mine swears by it,he says it's the actual oil(dont know wot its base is,av t get me tin out n av a look) that acts as an attractant, i now know quite a few lads that use it,and the trend is and a friend o mine,(last year) bought sum of that spray the the carp lads use,bought a large feeder, soaked a large piece of sponge in the liquid and stuffed it into the feeder....this was then attached to the lead (peice of line tied to swivel onto the mainline above the lead) 1 codling bout 2lb, 8 or so whiting, cud have bin a catchin nite, but...haven't tried it again since,so dont know if its entirely reliable,worth another try tho lol.....cheers, digred :)

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i tried it tonight after reading this post.
at first we were getting bites without it but as soon as it was tried we were hooking doggies every cast and within about 2 mins.

we then tried catching without spraying it first and didnt have a single bite.

so IMO yes it does work. the only way you will know though is to give it a try
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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