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This past week - actually 8 consecutive days, the Vintage captained by owner Hans Kraaz and Eric Anderson hosted Jens Laub, a single angler from Germany who's desire was to catch a grand slam.

The continuing report is from Capt. Eric Anderson:

13 Sept - "I having a great time", said Jens Laub, while fishing on the Vintage - "I caught 3 sails and a nice blue marlin Over 300lbs. Both are my first Atlantic sails and blue marlin."

Waters are flat calm - very unusual for this time of year.

14 Sept -"A really special day. Flat Calm - We caught 9 out of 11 white marlin 4 of 5 Blue Marlin (a couple of nice ones 350) 1 on 20# and had 3 sail bites but missed them all.

Our slam was knocking, but we struck out. Jens is worn out. I hope he brings his helmet tomorrow. The moon is rising....."

15 Sept - "Jens caught a blue marlin today missed a few sails. Flat calm. great bite. he won't ever recover fully from this trip!!!"

16 Sept - "1 for 1 on blues"

17 Sept - "4 out of 4 blue marlin"

18 Sept - "We has another great day fishing the La Guaria Bank yesterday) Saturday= Our solo angler is getting his ass wore out as promised. He never stops reeling though! He caught 4 out of 6 very agressive Blue Marlin we raised 1 white marlin to a teaser and bite
2 maybe 3 sailfish luck Flat calm, 20# and 30 # tackle classic Venezuela.....

Jens has now caught 4 Blue Marlin 2 days in a row
He is still looking for his grand slam though...."

19 Sept - Jens says "Today 3 out of 3 Blues, 2 out of 3 Sails, 0 out of 2 Whites and 4 Dorados up to 40 Pound!!!! Hope I will manage the last day tomorrow.... Best fishing trip ever!!!!!"

20 Sept - Jens says - "Today Grand Slam!!!!!! 2 out of 3 Sails, 1 out of 3 Whites, 1 out of 5 Blues!!!! Further more a lot of Dorados and a Barrakuda!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!"

Final tally: 18 Blues, 10 Whites, 7 Sails for the best score I've had the pleasure to record in recent years


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Capt. Eric Anderson reports the first day (21 Sept) for the Clancy Group:

"we were 1 for 2 blue marlin
2 for 4 or 5 whites
and missed a sail
caught 2 dorados and 2 small tunas"

Day two - 22 Sept:

"We caught a slam yesterday
We were 1 for 1 sails 1 for 2 or 3 whites and
3 out of 4 blue marlin
the one we did not catch was a really nice one and we got spooled on a 30 # rod
can't catch them all"

Day three - 23 Sept:

"They caught another slam today"
1 for 4 blue marlin
1 for 3 whites
3 for 6 sails

Final tally: 5 blues, 4 whites and 4 sails
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