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Very fishy
East Cape weather has been picture perfect all week with warm sunny days and little humidity. It doesn't get any better than what we are getting right now. Conditions on the Sea of Cortez have also been excellent with calm seas and 75 to 79 degree water temps. The water is a gorgeous purple blue and loaded with life. Off shore we are sighting huge schools of flying fish puddling up and lots of bird life. There are so many sea turtles in the area skippers have to stay on their toes to not hit one.

Fish are here but getting them to bite has not always been easy. Striped marlin have been most consistent with just a few dorado and wahoo in the mix. Big news is spinner and spotted dolphin have been sighted a couple of days and the first yellowfin tuna of our season has hit the deck. Contrary to last year's late showing it appears the tuna are going to get the party started earlier this season. Also in shore roosterfish are starting to show in packs.

The bait situation is still very grim. Fresh ballyhoo have been the mainstay with sardines and mackerel nowhere to be found.

Jen Wren III has always been very fishy but this was ridiculous.
While battling a striped marlin this bad boy swam up to our transom looking for something to eat and practically begged like a dog. I didn't know if I should grab a bait rod or my camera. The fish hung out long enough for me to get the shot while Diego pitched the bait.

Lots of striper action

Diego letting 'em go

Not too many dorado this week

Eating a rigged ballyhoo

Putting on a show

Like a pond

Sherry battling a striper

"Frito" bending a rod

While being slow trolled this contraption truly looks like a school of baitfish and attracts marlin into the lure pattern.

Mark Rayor
US cell 310 308 5841
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