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Once again I attended the Western Australian State title for the ASF and had a blast with the few casters that made the effort of attending. It was great to see a new young caster on the scene who did a very nice OTG PB of 227 Meters using the Century T1000 and Daiwa 7HT Mag. His name is Mark Tailor and feel confident that his distances will be going up from there as he has only been casting the Multiplier for the past few months.
Here's the video footage of his casting .

Aslo in attendance was another young caster who hails from Italy but now calls Australia his second home . Luca won the Australian Championships back in January and once again did some excellent casting here at the titles .

We also had some of the older casters in the way of Neels who hails from South Africa and Chas who did a brilliant job of organising the comp and prizes for the crew.

But like at all comps there were those casts that we would rather forget but they do put a smile on everyone else's face when it's not them doing it o_O

Neel's two boys were also in attendance but sadly I didn't get the chance to capture any footage of them casting, also they were only able to attend the one day due to mothers day commitments. :D

All in all a top event where we had a lot of fun and laughs but still strived for that big cast :D

I was happy with my casting but will still be striving for even better distances in the future .

And here is the overall results :

Looking forward to the next one :D
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