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Presume it was a Wahoo as the squid was a total mess.
Could well be Marc although Wahoo with those razor-like teeth can often be quite 'surgical', chopping skirts or even backs of the backs of baits completely. It can look as if someone's taken a meat cleaver to them!

Just experienced some of that around the Bat Islands, Northern Costa Rica - Pacific side. And in fact the only one we suceeded in landing took a small feathered jig NOT rigged on wire. We were somewhat lucky! The 'giveaway' though those strikes and initial runs are blindingly fast, even with the smaller fish.

I guess if you were relatively close inshore the other 'candidate' to mess up a lure would have been a Bluefish. They quite often though give away their presence by tail walking and head shaking.

Both species tend to stay relatively close to the surface.

Any way keep trying, it's going to happen soon.

BTW back to other species. If you spot Skipjacks harrying small bait fish, normally over quite a tight area, try trolling through them just on tick over. They tend to go down with any boat disturbance but will readily take small flashy lures fished on planers. It's also as well worth trolling a similarly small lure way back on the surface in the shotgun position.

Fingers crossed.
Best wishes

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Thanks for that Dave, although it may not happen too soon as my partner was out on the boat and never realised the water pump had gone and tried to get back to port with a smoking engine!!

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So guys, I'm off to Greece this weekend on a sailing yacht and I'm after Barracuda, Dorado and Tuna in open water - what breaking strains am I looking at?

My mainline is 50lb braid and my boat road is a 30/50lb rated stick. Is it an idea to rig up stronger breaking strain mono to the braid via a swivel to absorb teeth/impacts etc?

If I have a heavier shock leader, won't the mainline break first if a fish takes all the line out on a long run? That would be a nightmare losing 300 yards of braid. Trip over!

Any help much appreciated. Got these shiny new lures and no idea what line to rig them to!
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