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walton pier 07/09/10

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well i decided to get the rods out this morning after that blow we had last night. I got to the pier at about 9am and headed to the top right hand corner, there was a few people on the stem on the flood it was quite slow but it all changed on the ebb my rod tips did not stop rattleing but the only problem was i was having trouble connecting with the fish (bladdy whiting). I had lug,rag and squid but most fish fell to lug tipped with squid except for a greedy pin whiting that decided it would have a whole squid on a 5/0 pennel. In the end i had 7 whiting and1 pout. Except for the codling i lost on the lift which was about 1lb 1/2. Will try again next week.
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Cheers for the report Jim, winters a coming!
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