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Took a mate who wanted to try sea fishing to Walton last Friday and yes, you've guessed it, he trounced me.

We set up about 10.30am (HT was about 11.15 i think), I sorted him out a 2nd rod and some suitable rigs. Bait was fresh lug, king rag, frozen lug and squid. We fished through until 7.30pm and the final tally was: me - two whiting, two flounders (one of which was very tasty); him - 1 fat codling (40cm), 3 x schoolies (37, 35 & 30cm,, all went back), 2 x pouting and a very nice looking lobster (which i'm reliably informed was also very tasty).

Despite the humiliation it was a really enjoyable little session - it's great when you take someone fishing and they immediately get why you are addicted to it. On top of that, I also got to see the biggest bass I've seen in the flesh so far - a guy up the end of the pier, had a lobster pot over the side, baited with 3 mackerel, and a bloody great bass (nearly 8lb) managed to wedge itself in there. Now, he was one happy chappy - and I thought my mate had had all the luck that day!
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