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braid or mono
Minimum amount of line required to test, 4mts (4.4yd), wind on 3 fingers, tape to paper/card, put in an envelope.

Knot tests 1.2 metre of line knot in the centre, the line (lesser) needs to be tested also for the result to be meaningful.

Info Req ???, Brand name & type of line, lb/kg breaking strain, Diameter, if a knot then type. Email so I can send you results.

my mate is going to send Paulus some for testing so if you have any new braid and want to send it to be tested (new not used only) send it on to me and ill give it to him to forward on with his too

could you make it about 8-10m if poss so plenty to work with pm me for my info if you are wanting any testing too
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