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Hi lads,
could anyone recommend where i could take the boat to get the following items/work.

1. chart plotter wired up to the dsc radio so they communicate.
2. fit a steel keel band.
3.purchase a spare drain plug(got one of these off ebay but does'nt fit thought they were all standard!!)

I live in manchester,thanks in advance.


Warrior are just up the road from you.
Why don't you ask them for items 2 and 3.

Item one is simply a cable. One of the boffins will be able to tell you, what cable, but it may help if you say what plotter and what VHF you have.


PS: Items two and three are very DIYable if you have the inclination and that will save a lot on having the dealer do it, but I do recommend you ask Warriro for the parts as they will have them made to measure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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