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Was it YOU ? Seaford.......Martello......Friday Night

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You were at the Martello end of Seaford on Friday night. There were lights. You may not be on WSF but if you are..............

If we give you the benefit of took off the lead...........cut the line ( how heavy the leader ?) dropped it on the shingle and couldn't find it even with your lights !
Electric blue Aqua Azure Cobalt blue Majorelle blue

If we don't give you that benefit...........Are you a moron ?

One of you left this on the high water mark............2 baited hooks !
Blue Fluid Aqua Electric blue Azure

Picked up by a Black Labrador on Saturday morning early, 1 baited hook only left now !
Spent some time consoling a lovely elderly lady about her concerns for her pet and explaining how not all anglers are that careless

The hook still had washed out lug on it and the snood with a chewed through line and no hook had some washed out lug which had 'blown up' off the hook. It clearly was used on Friday night.

Please..........lets be careful out there, that lady has one hell of a vets bill coming.

Stevo T
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Just no need for it mate. Really don't get the leaving [email protected]&t on the beach hard is it to find a bin at Seaford. Generally walk past one in front of the car. Could be an innocent mistake though. Well done for spreading the message that we're generally a considerate responsible bunch to those that might not initially get what we do :)
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