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Watch Out Eastbourne!!!!!

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This winter i have decided to take Miss Molly to Eastbourne for 3 months to take advantage of the 24 hr Sea access on account of the lock.
I have arranged an "over winter berth" from 1st Nov til 1st Feb. I fish off Eastbourne quite a lot from Rye anyway so this makes sense to me as i know a few marks there allready.

Anyway any of you Eastbourne lads fancy a cuppa pop over and say hello it will be nice to meet a few of you. Rob.

P.S. If you find anybody along the quay drunk, put them back aboard please it will prob be my crewman Jeff (aka Shipwreck). thanks Rob
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At least we can meet up on a few marks over the winter now Rob:). I bet you wont want to take Miss Molly back in the spring once you have all day access to the sea:unsure:

Rye is my home port Terry, i will deffo be going back in the spring, Boulogne is to far from Eastbourne anyway!!!!!! Rob
if it was not for the drive (40 mins) and the tides, and the need for water under me leg i might fancy some summer time there, sort a berth and it would be good to go for a weekend?
Greg let me know if you ever need a berth in Rye for a few days i can sort it for you no prob. Rob
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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