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After a general lack of fishing over the last couple of weeks due to one thing and another finally we had the opportunity to get out and about on Sunday evening. Congaqueen and I headed for one of my favourite fishing marks, Watick bay between Dale and St Annes Head. What a lovely evening it was after wind and rain we have endured over the last couple of months it was an absolute pleasure to have a clement evening. The mark is sheltered and comfortable and with a clear night sky and full moon, well lit. The sea had a slight swell and an outgoing tide. Fishing though proved sparodic with bites here and there. Congaqueen caught three rockling and I chipped in with a small doggie. Not the best nights angling but nice not to blank and great not to have to brave the elements for a change.


With bait left over from Sundays excursion and a pleasant evening ahead of us we headed off for Milford Docks last night and what a strange nights fishing we had. A number of other anglers must have had the same idea as the docks was very busy with anglers and the sea was flat calm and like a mirror. Baited up with a couple of sand eels and cast out. Not long after the weight settled my rod had one almighty tug down and bounced back up. Bouncing the rod along the railing. Struck and reeled in to find just the head of the sandeel left. Bass was my thinking. This was to be the theme for the entire evening. Congaqueen and I had bites every cast on ragworm, mackeral, squid and sandeel but just couldnt get the hooks in. Changed to smaller hooks and baits and same thing. Second to last cast caught a very small whiting. A bit disappointed with the fish haul considering the amount of bites we had but non the less a hectic and enjoyable evening resulting in us using all the remainder of the bait!
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