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<font color='#0000FF'>Anyone out there like to cut short my period of "stumbling through the dark" about this website? &nbsp;Managed to ask a couple of questions and got a couple of replies for which I am most greatful. &nbsp;But i feel there is soooo much more to know (as indeed with this fishing thing). &nbsp;Any recipe&#39;s for Conger......?</font>

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<font color='#000000'>Hi Mature Student,

Like your self I am a Mature Student, a 62 year old who has been sea angling for years and still learning. I prefer boat angling to beachcasting, the only reason&#33; I seem to catch more fish.

I have been out on Tina 1 many a time, like all steps in a harbour, they are prone to algae and care should be taken at all times.

With regard to Conger fishing: Fresh bait cannot be beaten. A large Mackerel or Pouting flapper during the summer months is excellent. During the winter, Pouting is favourite, next best 3 or 4 Squid bunched together will do the job equally as well. I landed an 80lb plus on board Blackjack out of Mudeford using Mackerel. I have also had a few out of West Bay, do you fish there regularly?

I normally make my own traces. Having bought traces in the past, which I found to be next to useless, I decided to make my own. After returning from work and spending a little time in the garden I spend a couple of hours now and again making weird and wonderful contraptions. Having said that the simple ones are always the best.

My Conger traces are all the same, 2ft of 50lb plastic coated wire - size 8/0 chemically sharpened hook crimped to one end and a swivel crimped to the other. I attach 3 - 4ft clear 40lb Greased Weasel to the swivel connected to the hook trace and using the same size of swivel I connect the other end to my main line. I always use a Gemini Rig Clip on my main line, they are indispensable and one of the best products on the market. All my rigs etc. are tied with a 4 or 5 turn Double Grinner knot, to me this knot cannot be beaten.

I use 1 of 2 boat rods depending on the weight of lead. If I am using a weight of over 1.5lbs I tend to use my Daiwa TDXB 20 - 50, anything less I use the same rod but a 12 - 30 rating. My reel on the heavy rod is a Shimano TLD 20 and on the lighter rod an Abu 7500 C3. My braid on both reels is Berkley 65lb Whiplash, a little heavy you might say but if I ever get snagged I can usually pull it free with a gloved hand and only loose the end tackle.

Wreck fishing is best for Conger, although they can be caught from around the pylons on old piers or jetties. In either case when you get the initial knock, you must immediately try to hold the fish and not let it return to its lair. If it does then you can forget it and either wait for ages and I mean ages or pull your line free, using a gloved hand. Once you are in command it can be a moment never to forget, man against beast, right up until the fish can be unhooked and returned to fight another day.

If you want a little more information on the subject let me know and I will help as best as I can.

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