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As the session is starting to come into better sea temperatures I've started to go out a bit more. Things through summer were hit and miss with the bigger stuff and half the usual stuff couldn't be seen at all. With very warm water temps which are just starting to cool but not a lot and still with the odd days hitting 31c. A few more fish are starting to show. Early mornings in the dark are producing plenty of these at Petriti harbour running your lure just below the surface and picking a fish up every few chucks

DSC_0101 (3).JPG

First light on the local beach around the shallow scatter rocks and through the day have also been producing the Bass along with White bream and Saddle bream. The other day did notice a new arrival around there in form of a Brown wrasse although it was a beautiful emerald green along with other greens so a target for later. Over the other side at Boukari bait fish are plenty with Bass hanging about and in the last week I have spotted a few Dorado which is a rarity around here. Had one slap at a tiny popper on Monday only for it not to hook up but fowled itself on the back and went like a scolded cat before jumping a shedding the hook [ bummer bummer bummer ] so a few morning will be spent there and waiting just to see if any turn up in the very brief time they stay of only a few minutes .
Gars are a big pain at the moment as there all over the shop and stop your lure getting in the lower zone. I have only seen a few small Amberjack with one coming off as the hook up was very light. also some tiny Derbio Pompanos but they were small for hooking up. Did spot two Meagre around the 4-5lb mark going at bait fish but bloody hard to catch, they just swam around under the bait fish then like a rocket take one then chill again with no interest in chasing an offering but there always a chance if they show again. No signs yet on any White Trevally which seems strange but there's time yet along with bigger Barra hopefully showing and along with a few surprises.
So things are getting there and I shall carry on catching the usual bream varieties and Bass and bits but hope something different turns up when I'm out with the rod just to mix things up a bit. Also a bit more night time sessions are required to find something of change and along with mixing in some Egi as they will start running through in the next week which are great fun on the 1.2 size squid jigs and 5lb line with some going 18" and fight very well but eat even better, but for everything else we can only but wait and see..

Kalo Himonas [ Have a good winter]

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Awesome as always Jon.

Please keep it coming.
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