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Popped down the rocks for day break which is about 5am, and within a few casts had bagged up on line caught sea lettuce. It was every where, there’s probably some in my pants.
Still even looking hopeless here now may as well carry on. To add to it the seas a grim colour & dirty .
In the end stuck on a feed shallow , I’ve never had a fish on one never really used them and whilst watching how it swims up pops a plump schoolie of a few lb.
Plant Organism Fin Fish Feather

Can see now how to get a few fish on these feed lures very useful.

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Mate,, I think you sorted me out, a feed shallow mullet,, cause you were not a lover??????

Want it back lol.....?

Nearly everyone, that I've met, that struggle with the feed shallow,, fish it WAY TO SLOW ,, in the day time,,,

Different at night, when sometimes they only want a wake,,
But I crank mine, sweep the rod,, and the go mad for it here,,
Let's be honest, it's not a great looking realistic looking lure.
Don't let them see it,, trigger them with the action, and flash.....

In your parts Matt,,, (used to fish lots of Cornwall, more than I do now)

The feed shallow plus, was the daddy,,, greeny, thing, with a black dot,,,
Think it was a tad heavier, for bigger seas, and swell......

Great lures,,, easy in my top 5............ Of hard lures.......



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I don't use my FS as much as ought to, even though I nearly always have it with me.
No reason why tbh.
Probably coz I'm mostly using stick baits at night.
I remember at the Dorset (August) Meet last year, me and @Dave Allen74 both caught a 50cm + bass just after dark on our way back to meet @smart201 for the boat ride across the Fleet.
Dave's was on the FS 105 Mullet I think
and mine smashed a FS 105 Pearl Rainbow.
It was a really savage take as well, after just letting it swing around in the fast current with a slow retreive.
I remember I had to knock that fish on the head due to the tail treble being embedded in it's really steamed into that lure!!
Gave it to the campsite owner Keith, for his supper.
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