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Well decided to fish both days due to the nice ish weather, I decided to head to the West pier at Whitehaven. After a slow start I had a little whiting and getting fed up with the boat watchers plus the wind wasn't helping . I managed to get to the railing after a load from Blackpool left and well bang got 2 firsts a little dab then a little plaice. Wohoo happy days.
Sunday a change of plan happened I intended to fish Maryport but due to the LOW tide I had to change venue as I didn't know Workington very well it was back to Whitehaven got there and the railing was free so set up there and first cast I hit a nice plaice after it calmed down things started to pick up later I had in the end 2 plaice , 4 dabs , 2 weaver, 3 mackerel and a gurnard.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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