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Weekly weather outlook 8th Nov

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Apologies for the lack of forecast last week, too busy fishing and I also have had a cold!

Anyway here goes for another look ahead at what may (or may not) happen in the next week or so.

A ridge of high pressure currently sits over the UK but this is transitory and will be pushed away replaced by low pressure to the north. This will introduce westerly or south westerly winds over the weekend which will be breezy but unlikely to be very strong.
By Monday things become more interesting with another brief ridge being displaced by a deeper low off to the NW of the UK. This is likely to become entrenched for a while as it buts up against strong high pressure over nw Russia. This will introduce a southerly airstream with stronger winds at times. At the moment it is too far out to be certain but this low pressure could spawn deeper lows on it聮s southern flank which could affect our region towards the middle/end of next week. Couple this with building tides through the week and it聮s game on for the shore fishing. Each peak of tides has in recent weeks coincided with almost perfect weather conditions and each tide has brought in more and more Cod, and so far we have been lucky that this has been so, last year we were stuck in a very mild, very quiet period of weather, this year it is much more mobile.
Will this continue?
Well, that聮s tricky to forecast this far out, the next 2 weeks certainly seem to want to bring in similar conditions, that is, mobile, westerly driven winds with brief ridges of high pressure. After that there are some indications that the atmosphere will become more blocked with high pressure to the NW. These conditions essentially put the brakes on the constant train of low pressure systems crossing the Atlantic and we can get stuck with one type of weather. Exactly what that weather will be is hard to forecast and depends on exactly where high pressure sets up shop. Over Greenland or Scandinavia will bring cold air from Arctic or Russia. If the high pressure builds more west than in can leave us in the cold and wet/ windy. To far east can leave us in mild/ wet conditions.
Of course it may not happen at all, in which case all bets are off!

All of this is yet to be decided and I will have more info next week hopefully. In the meantime, if anyone wishes to unlock their inner geek and take a look at prospects for the coming winter then take a look at this video:;sess=

Be warned though that it gets very technical, very nerdy and is 27 mins long! In a nutshell, there is lots of compelling evidence that we could be in for some very cold spells this winter!

Tight lines everyone!

I am an amateur forecaster and these forecasts are offered as a guide only as to what MAY be expected. Please, if you plan on fishing, especially afloat then you should check the professional forecasts for your local conditions before setting out
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Thankyou for the forcast Shorething it is always appreciated despite your isolated negative feedback

You do not have to put the effort in to produce a weather forcast for the following weeks and even though it is not always 100% accurate i find it is not far wrong!!

I just hope there is not high winds for the Breakwater Meet and we end up relegated to the Addy!!

Best of luck fella

Tight Lines

Thanks for the support Ade.
The Addy meet is next weekend 17/18th Nov yes?
If so it's at the extreme range of what can be forecast with any accuracy, looking windy at the moment but there maybe a window to get out. I'll have a look when it's five days away and do an update then and through the week.
Ok fella much appreciated
have heard it,s gonna be a cold winter/ mini ice age?:cold::
as always thank you for taking the time to give us some idea of whats coming its not easy to get it right but as any succesfull angler will always tell you

ITS THE RIGHT TIDE WITH THE RIGHT CONDITIONS thats why they catch fish :thumbs:even planning to collect bait demands studying the weather forecast :clap3:
Models are backing away from the idea of windy weather next week with the high pressure over europe having a stronger influence on our shores than thought. More likely to have settled, calmer weather for most of next week now with the risk of windier weather pushed back to next weekend. Still breezy on Monday/ Tuesday with westerly winds so looks good for those days. Greater chance of a Cod during the night as ever but more so as water is likely to be clearing from Tuesday onwards, strong tide flow may keep things mixed though so who knows!?
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