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hi brolly,

i'd've suggested around here, eastbourne / pevensey, but there's nothign really in the way of disable access, depending on the dissability i guess, if it's a walking frame or similar, then most of our beaches are an easy walk, like park, take 10 steps forward, and you're on the beach !

alernative easy fishing can be had at newhaven from the carpark, check the tides though,

possible option is either shoreham west arm, it's a bit of a walk, not too rough, again, it'll depend on the disability as to whether or not you'll gain access across the 5min walk.

only other place i can think of is worthin pier, garfish are about, so float sandeel or macky strips for them, best over hw iirc, i'm sure there's ramps to the side of the pier to gain access, then it's just a case of fish either side.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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