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west arm shoreham

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hi all has anybody fished for gar.s on the west as need to get some for winter bait
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way better than makie you can freze and un freze and they do not go mushy top bait
do so save you money but there aint many about this year
i best get down there then
hi abu1,
garfish are fantastic bait in the winter for whiting and dabs...
the flesh holds together after freezing unlike mackie....

hi roger,
there has been a few gars on the outside,the inside has been
hard to fish for them due to the direction of the wind,the inside should
fish well on sunday as the wind is swinging round to the south west..
thank.s for that paul
Any gars on Saturday in the Intercounty and I'll be keeping them - fantastic tipping bait for the winter!
could not agree more
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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