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Just incase anybody is interested we fished Fyne towards the end of March.
Furnace was the place, the quarry, we fished for six hours and got mainly doggies.Started catching within five minutes,caught 22 doggies between us me my wife and my boy. Mackerel is all you need here if its doggies thats your after but other species can be caught with rag etc. If your walking into the quarry go to the right hand side where the big rocks are but beware it can be a bit snaggy. When you are reeling in watch when you get close to the shore,this is the point that you either land your fish or loose it so keep the rod high and reel in fairly swiftly as we found out or it could have been 32 doggies..had a great day and the weather was good too, can't wait to go back in the summer.

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