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Was out for a topwater session on the Helford this morning...not bad but not great...2 tiddlers and one fish probably just over 2lb.
The problem I find in this neck of the that the toppers just don't fish well in anything other than very calm conditions (not for want of trying), if you get down to the Helford or (i'm sure) the Fal at dawn...and its like a millpond, you know that the toppers will kill, but as i say i have never had any success with them outside the river...the open coast around here is so rarely calm, and when it is calm there are rarely any fish present at all.
In the swell I can catch on my subsurface...but the toppers just don't seem to interest them, its happened a few times for me...bashing away with a topper in small swells...then switching to subsurface and have saved a blank. I have given up on toppers on the open coast (unless very shallow water, but still be more confident with a chugger minnow, or maria chase)
Like I say toppers are my preference in the river...and tend to always use them...but even then if I was to use a subsurface i would probably do better...but not have as much fun!
Maybe its just my marcks...does anyone else from round 'yur do well on the toppers (in our average 2-3ft swells)? or do you too keep them for the rare flat days and the estuaries? or just have marcks you do and marcks you don't?
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