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Up early….what a lovely day. The sun shining, temperature climbing, I checked my gear, bait and provisions for the day, packed the car up and headed of to a great mark down in West Cornwall.

First time I haven’t packed the floaty jacket this year, just a t-shirt, and fleece. By the time I parked the car and walked across the fields to the mark, I was really working up a sweat.

Climbed down the north face of the eiger….(well it feels like it)

Sky Bedrock Wood Mountain Formation

To face this….. the last bit

Sky Water Bedrock Terrain Wood

And then confronted with this fantastic mark.

Water Sky Azure Plant Bedrock

Set up my rods with standard pulley rigs and baited one with macky the other with rag/macky combos.
First cast a good slack line which resulted in this…..

Terrestrial animal Soil Wing Tail Bedrock

Then the other rod which produced another……

All in all 4 dogs and a few small wrasse and then it went quiet for a couple of hours so I leant back and relaxed in the afternoon sunshine, periodically changing my baits.
I was just nodding off when the ratchet went on one of the rods, springing me into action like some mad automaton…..I struck the run still in drag mode….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….my reel was screaming and the fish was still trying to make a spirited getaway. Finally put the reel into gear and reeled in a lovely Pollack….

Fish Marine biology Salmon-like fish Fin Ray-finned fish

Then another screamer….(awake now)…..put the reel into gear and wound in another……

This one went 2lb 10oz. Followed by 4 more.

Well by now it was 6.30pm so I packed up my gear and started my mega climb back up the eiger and across the fields to round off what was a lovely, memorable day.

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Thanks lads,
It was a really good day. Lovely weather, a gentle cool breeze and the fish came out to play as well which is always a bonus.

Going to have to get out again this weekend somewhere similar methinks.:)
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