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The day started off well, with some mackeral coming in nice breeze blowing. Then the breeze turned into a wind.

Before that happened, we say some nice fish jumping on more than one occasion, saw some nice mullet, and some cute baby fish that wasn't any bigger than about 1 to 2" long.

I had one mackeral on the float that give me a belter of a bite, typical mackeral bit, dragged the float under at a rate of knots. When asked what the bite was like, colourful language removed " the float just went off at a rate of knots".

Good company, heard of a couple of bass coming from there, loads of mackeral, and sammy the sodding seal was, it even bit through someones macky trace when there were fish on! Cheeky begger!

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Which side of the pier were you casting to. The beach side or the marina side, it sounds as if you were casting in the marina side as you were able to see the seal.
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