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I launched through minimal surf from the pebble ridge at northam.I trolled a small pearl coloured sandeel about 40 yards behind the yak and about 60 yards out just beyond the breakers.There were initially plenty of Bass about with the odd swirl and even one or two jumping.I caught a total of five schoolies in total with many takes which got off or did'nt hook up.I had one really strong take which felt hefty but he spat the hook. It was a glassy smooth sea with no wind.there was the occasional swell which would rise up which would threaten to broach the yak if you did'nt watch it .All the fish were undersize and returned unharmed.They were great fun on the light spinnig rod I was using.
On trying to get back in I found that the pushing tide had increased the swell and it was a bit hairy getting back in but I managed to somehow stay upright.
The sport should improve come May and I for one am looking forward to it.It made a nice change not to have to shell out £30 quid for fuel,£10 launch fee and £15 for bait for taking the boat out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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