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Once again the weather was naff today, as it has been all week, but with only 4 species left to find we thought we would brave it. We thought well we need 1 today, then we can target conger and something tomorrow evening.

After fitting a new washing machine in the morning, it was off to the harbour to try and fins a mullet. The water was far too murky, so thought we'd try for a goby instead, which resulted in me catching a small schoolie, taking us to 17 :)

We then moved to another harbour spot, but after an hour and only a few small fish, we decided to head home, grab some food (last night's cod :)) and then try for a flattie or something after dark.

Arrived at our chosen mark bang on hw, blowing a hoolie, but thought we're here now sod it lol. Then the rain started, and fishing a 35mph headwind and rain is not fun. So I only managed 2 casts, but they resulted in a baby common hound and baby starry hound, taking the tally to 19. So with 1 more day/night, we need just one species of fish. In all honesty, with the weather we've had im surprised we're so close, so would be fantastic, just have to see what the weatherman says in the morning

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