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Got back yesterday from my Weymouth trip fishing was out of this world...( for me anyway) weather was brill, bright sunshine no wind.

boat Flamer III

Was out with skipper Colin Penny on the 1st day of our trip, this was meant to be a flattie hunt on the Shambles bank, but as Colin said we would be lucky if we had any, plenty there he said but at this time of the year we would struggle. sure enough...none caught, so we were targeting Black Bream ( new speices for me) :D we went on the drift on a bit of rough ground the Bream were coming in thick and fast.....bloody ell ! didnt know they could put up such a good fight. other speices coming in were the Usual doggies, Pout, Poor Cod, (nother new speices) and I managed to get a Bullhuss (yet another species) also saw 1 of the other guys on the boat get a beut of a Starry Smoothound, oh and S*** loads o mackys

boat Offshore Rebel
2nd day out with Paul Whittal on a Conger hunt, steamed out 28 miles to a 2nd WW wreck of a battleship, dropped anchor, then the fun began, Conger were comin in the boat thick and fast, at one time there were 6 of us with fish on, this continued for about 2 hours then the fish slowed up a bit due to the tide slackening. we had over 60 fish from this wreck, my best being near 60lb. Paul then decided to move to another wreck after this.....unfortunatly his anchor was stuck fast , no matter what he try'd he couldnt shift it !! in the end he had to cut the rope. as his other anchor was unsuitable for the type of bottom we were on it put payed to the Conger. so it was on to new wrecks to drift for Cod/Ling etc.
moved to a new wreck and started drifting, straight away I was into Pollock of about 6-7lb some of the other guys were bringing Pollock in of over 10lb, 1 Cod taken went 18lb, again the fish dry'd up a bit so we went in search of Ling, next wreck I had 2 ling of 8-10lb ....pout pout and more pout :rolleyes: best Ling caught went 28lb.

all in all a fantastic day out

boat Valerie Ann
This was an extra day out for us, we hadnt planned on this trip, but as there was a space available we jumped at it, the target for the day was meant to be Blonde Ray and Turbot. the skipper Ron explained that it would be a bit of a waiting game, ( no prob 4 me I fish for Skate) we were on one of the banks off Portland Bill, fished for ages before 1 of the other guys connected with a Blonde Ray of about 6lb, as the tide rip was starting to get up we went on the drift for Black Bream, I ended up with 9 bream, best about 3lb, also had doggies pout pout and more pout oh and ermmmmm 1 or 2 (hundred mackys)

this has been a great 3 days fishing trip, 1 thing I did learn about coming down to the south coast was....USE braid, I was fishing with 8-12 oz more lead than the guys using braid!

roll on the next trip.

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