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Its been blowing all week, and some wet stuff as well,:sad: It looks like next week is going to be similar??? But today a weather window, Roddy and Mike were put on orders 'at the boat 7am', slack water at about 8.20'ish on to the Towers marks and fish the whole of the flood.

I get to the boast at 6.15 as is my way, tidy round, check fluid levels, generally get the boat ready for a sharp off, and a quiet cup of tea before my mates arrive. Thats a real pleasure in the summer, early morning and a quiet cupa, magic:rolleyes:

Roddy and Mike duly arrived at agreed time, I was late with my tea so had to share it!!:g: no real hardship, I always use a tea pot, non of this tea bag nonsense on Solent Warrior.

Lock out, 2000 rpm and 13.5kts, not fast-fast but very comfortable and economic. We arrived at the 'Towers' about 8-15am . . . by 9am every one and his brother was in the area. Plenty of room, its a big place. We went to a mark that until recently, had produced Cod to double figures . . .

Yep,:unsure: the cod had gone, Roddy had this one, the only one of the day.

All was not lost, Mike hit into a nice male Roka,

The supporting act was 'crufts dog show', Doggies, loads of Doggies, a good size, we awarded 'best in show' :clap3:

We had to wait until the tide started to ease, then the the Smoothounds put in an appearance,

Roddy had a nice Stary,

Then Mike hooked something we thought was a 'BIG' roka . . .

But roka dont go from one side of the boat to the other, giving little or no line bend a 15/20lb rod through 90 degrees and finally take line as it dives for the sea bed vertically!!! . . . more than once.

Turned out to be a nice double figure Starry Smoothound, A 'PB' for Mike as he has never caught a smoothound before!

Great fun, the day was finalised for me. I put out a light 12/20 rod, paternostering a small hook and a squid strip . . . Tide was on its last knockings, the rode doubled over, the reel screamed, I was in to . . . . ????? we will never know, the line parted after a minute or so. It was big, heavy and did not want to stop . . . a bass???, there are some big'uns about in the area. A great day, sun, fish and some good company.


Some good fish there. Typical that the day the weather settles I had to work. Hopefully I will get out this week while everyone else is working if the weather holds.
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