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Caught this little beauty off Seaham North Pier this evening, I know he is not a Tubby as he doesn't have blue fins, not a Red either so what flavour is it?

Just shows how the fishing is changing in the North East as when I was a lad in the Seaham club 20 years ago Gurnard were unheard of in these parts.

Back from Exile
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Thanks Terry, should have worked it out by a process of elimination really.

Mind you from what you say looks like he might have been a bit lost swimming about in that part of the North Sea.

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Some gurnard identification pointers:

Grey Gurnard
Brownish grey with lighter spots.
Dark blotch on rear of first dorsal.
Spikey lateral line.

Red Gurnard
Bright red.
Lateral line a series of vertical plates.

Tub Gurnard
Orangey brown. Blue edges to pectorals.
Smooth raised lateral line.

Note: Colours may vary from those described above. Terms and conditions apply.
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