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What does this tell you............

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...............about my casting?

I usually use a Mag Elite, and rarely get a birdie. But for heavier use I bought an Okuma Magnetix. With this; and my usual OTG, I get numerous tangles. However, if I Brighton/Unitech trouble at all. The rod is a bit of a beast: the previous owner lost the tip and it is now 6" shorter and can pull in whales. Or Wales, if I were stronger:showoff:

Thanks people:)
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The magnetix is a basic magnetic reel, the braking force is the same whatever the revs - unlike centrifugal brakes or thicker oil or the 7HT mag. If you put them on full you can test this by spinning the spool....about 10s off or a second or two on full for mine.

They do run very fast, so crank the mags up.
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