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what fixed spool rod/reel for shad fishing

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having Pm,d the hell outa the boat fellers asking advice on
shad fishing tackle,It also appears that my "first love" of FS fishing
can be used as well.

Im gonna guess that you can get away with a FS size 5000 reel with 20lb braid and a soft tipped 8 foot ..ish ... lure rod.

I Googled the question....but didnt get much of a response.

Does anybody know of Fixed spool reels that are used/up for the task
and Rods that are used for same......

any recs would be appreciated as I wanna have more than just
my Fox bass buster and 535 when I finally get to do a bit of shadding.


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I use A shimano twinpower 4000 with 30lb braid for spinning and it is an excellent reel. Look at the Shimano 5000 reels...start from about £40.
When you say "Shadding" that can have a number of techniques employed.

Which will you be doing:

1) Casting a Storm Lure with no additional weight at shallow water bass and pollack
2) Hopping using a Shad or other rubber lure in deepish water for Cod etc
3) Using a shad on a Flying Collar for Pollack etc over wrecks

1) Is perfectly suited to a medium light (30g to 60g) spinning rod and any bairtunner style or spinning style fixed spool taking the equivalent to about 240 yards of 20lb mono (load with +/- 240 yards of 30lb braid).
I have a Penn Captiva CV904 and equivalent reel for this style of fishing.

2) and 3) may use a lot more lead (up to 10oz) and whilst a fixed spool will work, it becomes unbalanced and harder work than your multi set-up, which, to be honest, sounds perfectly good if loaded with sub 20lb braid.
If you use a fixed spool for 2) and 3) you'll be using one which is oversized and as a result you'll start losing the fun factor.

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Ive got an 11 foot carp rod 2.5 lb with a lovely crisp action and
a bait runner with 15lb braid for "number 1 ! Tom for casting horizontally
from a boat for Bass/Pollack.

Its more the 2 and 3 I guess.............

Light wrecking/Reef fishing for Cod/Pollack in the Solent/Channel
I guess my Question was aimed at...........
Sorry I didnt explain myself.....:crazy:

As much as the Shadding/Hopping art will be new to me,I wanted to keep the fun in it by trying to use a suitable FS set up...Rod /reel
just by way of a change to the traditional multi method that "every"
other bugger employs.....:shutup:

I wanted to keep the set up light and NOT have to use a
large FS purely just to winch/crank the lead/rig up and down in deep water.......that said I have read "North east" Forums where quite a few
guys do use such a set up but they dont explain what tackle they use......hense me asking on here.

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Hay Gazza

It certainly can be done with a fixed spool, but it is harder work than a multi and it's harder to control the gear on the drop.

You may find you get a few more snags with a fixed spool due to slack line and general contol issues on the drop.

Don't rule it out, but do expect it to not be quite as enjoyable as using a light (6lb class or 6/12) multi set-up.

There is a lot of bickering on the forum at present (I think I may have started some of it...) so before anyone jumps in and either slates me for advising anything or tells me I'm wrong, I promise I've tried most methods.
Infact my fun little spinning rod (tip section of a 5# flyrod converted) recently got shattered on a mid channel codling with a tiny fixed spool and 8lb braid.

Why not load the 15lb braid on your 535 and still use your carp rod?
best of both worlds.
The Carp rod isn't perhaps quite as light as you may think. It maybe bendy, but that's simply it's length. 2.5lb test curve equates to about the same as a UK 12lb class boat rod.

I'd then load the spinning reel with slightly heavier (suggest 30lb) braid as it will cast more freely with less wind knots etc).

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hhhhhmmm the 11foot carp blank looks totally wrong inverted with the 535 sitting on it.....besides the 10oz lead I tied on gave an alarming
curve to it.....shame.....nice idea...but me thinks the carp rod will be
staying for float/Spin/Flatty purposes only.

errrrrr Dont quite get the comment re "debating" the whole idea of
a Forum is to "put an opinion" across whether it be right or wrong....
Im all ears Tom.....keep your answers coming mate....I always bow to experience.

Im sure somebody will suggest a FS rod and reel set up that I can
try just to appease my FS (Sweet tooth)....:thumbs:

Cheers for your comments.

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errrrrr Dont quite get the comment re "debating" the whole idea of
a Forum is to "put an opinion" across whether it be right or wrong....

Sorry Gazza
I've been upsetting people recently with the sheer fact that i've voiced an opinion! Apparently, 'cos of my job I am not not allowed to have an opinion about anything to do with boats and I suspect that this will lead on to fishing tackle soon! :shutup::crazy:

Keep enjoying and get stuck in. The threads with questions will get several opinions and it's down to you to oick the ones that feel right for you.

Happy WSFing and good luck with the F/S v Multi hunt for shadding.

Gotta add this pic.
This is my mate Chris using my little baby. The tip section of th 5# weight flyrod. We are 25 miles out and he's attached to a 10oz leadhead followed by a smallish Codling of about 6lb or so....
By the way, your Carp rod will handle it, this little thing went off like a rifle being fired when it snapped at the butt seconds later....
Fun aint it!
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Great action piccy......thats what im talking about.....:yeah:
Not sure about the snapping part.....:g:
Yes Tom,Im happy the carp rod can handle the fish ...its more than capable with double figure carp/pike....I just *issed meself larfing
when I hung a 10oz lead off it yesterday just didnt look right
me thinks 11feet is way too long ....I was hoping that there might be
a FS version of my bass buster @ 8ft 2ins that seems a more
manageable length.......anyway....something will surface.

I'm the same as you "FS sweet tooth" and looking for a reel i can bounce a jelly with.
I've decided on getting a twinpower 5000 or 6000 PG from japan, but a cheaper option would be the Navi.
Veals do a 8000PG for £109 might be a bit big? 6000 might be better, dont think you can get smaller but i could be wrong.
"This reel was specifically designed for Butterfly Jigging and other heavy-duty saltwater applications."
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