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What Lefty multiplier?

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Hi there, does anyone know what good left handed multiplier there is for rough ground fishing, the rod I will be using is a mk1 century wr300.
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Have a look at abu 7000i mate ... My buddy got one and he's a lefty .. He swears by it mate ..
As above use two myself have done for years. You kind of limited on makes you wont get a penn or slosh leftie for the beach. Abu shimano fladden and a few others do lefties. Abu designate their left hand reels with a 1 so 7000i left hand would be the model 7001i , 6500 is 6501
All the Abu left handed multipliers are level wind, I currently use a Swedish built Abu 7001 big game version which I converted in a ct with removing the level wind, I have used the new 7001i Chinese built Abu and it didn't last a season. The akios range of reels are tempting and the do a mag ct version of one which is the same size of the Abu 6500 but I don't know if reels that size would cope with the rougher stuff and I like to use the old 50lb fireline, I also have the option of buying a shimano Calcutta 700 but don't know anything about them and 17lb max drag doesn't sound much.
Charlbait have all the models MXL would be a good size not cheep but very good
Thats the avet ive just bought MXL Left hand wind well impressed with it tightlines Alain
penn have done some lefty versions this year i cant remember which at the moment but i will check when i get to work ,i think one might be the fathoms ( dont quote me yet as i am not certain) but ive been using the 15's for a while and they have been great
You have three options, they are.

1: Avet
2: Avet
3: Avet

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