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what multiplier

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Having been put off using a multiplier as a kid,(when i tried casting every time i got a birds nest and a half!!) i am thinking of getting one as it was about 17 years ago so i suppose technology has moved on a bit?
I have a DAM fighter surf and a shaekespear piece of poo!!
What reel would i be best getting and how much roughly should i bee looking to spend as i have seen a few on ebay?
cheers dunce
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i recomend you start off with something like a penn 525GS, it's fast, strong, doesn't need much maintenance and best of all it wont over-run in the middle of a cast. i started off with one and still use it sometimes. you should be able to pick one up for about £60-70.
John if you find how to change your username please let me know i would like to change mine to :)
How the hell do you think I feel having to type THAT name every time :(
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You smart arsed sod why the hell didn't I think of that- oh It's cause I'm a computer idiot innit?
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That never works for me for some reason :(
As to multipliers, I own 2 penn 525 mags, not the new ones, and I rarely have a birdy with them! They have a good retrieve rate, good cranking power, and easy to strip down and maintain!
If when using a fixed spool i reel in using my left hand even though i'm right handed would this mean i would have to get a left handed or right handed multiplier?
No not really you get used to it, it felt weird at first but after a while it just feels normal winding right handed.
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