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What rods?

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Hi all,
what rods do you use on yaks?
I would thought a short 4 foot max but light. I would be mostly drifting for bass in prob 30 foot of water Live eels etc. Seen some rods on line and have read... Only cheap rods? Is this because when you take a dip you loose tackle... Do the yaks turn over/ Sorry too many questions but getting the feel for this......Ambassasdeur 5000/6000 size? Not sure... Spinning rods? AHHHHHHHHHH

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Many thanks,
There are quite a few cheap rods oout there now some £25.00 you get a reel and line included.
Thanks for teh replys.
What type of tackle boxs do you use to store the terminal bits?
I alsodon't plan to go out when its cold (winter) ro when its to choppy...Summer only about 70degrees and sunny.
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