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What to buy???

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Hi, I've been fishing for around 40 years on and off and I've decided it's time to return to sea fishing. Things have changed a lot since the last time I went feeding the crabs, I'm stuck!
I'm looking for a decent quality rod and fixed spool reel for beach fishing, price doesn't matter (within reason), I can't find any decent reviews online. I only want to buy once and buy quality if you know what I mean.
I will be fishing in the (Hastings), (Bexhill), (Langley Point Eastbourne) area.
Can anybody help?
Thanks in advance.
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You'll get differing suggestions but to be honest if you do a search on this and the tackle section you'll see similar questions answered.

Good luck
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Hi there,
Like you I recently restarted beach fishing,I like multi setups,but fixed spool you have choice of conti ir more traditional style rods,contis are generally longer eg14/15ft and cast great distance with overhead or OTG styles,everyone's got a favourite,but italcanna terranovas I can recco from a friend who uses them,reels shimano,Diawa ,penn,shelters ian golds igloo,imax seem decent,best to try and find shops individuals who will let you have a cast,hope you get sorted
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od any fish any where 6and bait 14ft Reel shimano ultegra14000. Shop about for best prices:)
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