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Just a report about a couple of sessions i have had recently.

To give a bit of a backstory on the last trip that i caught a fish i must have somehow misplaced my lucky hat:cry:. Say whatever you want about lucky charms etc it seems to work for me most of the time:wacko:.

Anyway since that i have had 3 blanks in a row. Now every angler knows that you will get blanks it's part and parcel of fishing but you cant count the number of blanks ive had in one hand this season so to get 3 blanks in a row is strange.

Anyway wanting to remedy this at the 4th time of asking i persuded my old man to come out with me for a couple of hours last night. Just very light gear being used main hope was to get a Bass but at the moment i would take anything. So we rigged up one rod with a spinner and the other a float with sandeel. First 30 mins we never hit anything my old man wanted to use the spinner and i kept a watchfull eye on the float.

We then decided to change rods you can guess whats comming cant you. I dont think i had the spinner in my hand for 1 minute when the rod with the float that my dad was now watching completly disappeared under the surface. he picked up the rod and struck in to it. At first we thought it might be a Bass but soon realised it was a Coalie about 1.5lbs.

So got the hook etc returned it then the banter started about how it's down to skill etc:1a:. Things got even worse for me then about about another 30/40 mins later he decided to he wanted to have a move about etc so he wanted a go at the spinner. I think it was about his 2nd cast after we changed rods again and he got a hit on the spinner another coalie about 3/4 lbs this time. That was it for the rest of the night and i had to put up with your old mans still got it routine.

So that was it 4 blanks in a row since i lost my lucky hat.:cry:

No photos this time since it was just a last minute short session.

The Lead Legend
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i used to have a lucky balaclava i lost fishing etive ages ago ,i was gutted but cant mind if it affected my fishing

Team Hardcore (Scotland)
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I've got a lucky blue skip hat that i never go anywhere without!

Not that it ever brings me much luck but i don't want to take the chance without it lol

Specimen Hunter
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its strange isnt it? ive got a lucky wsf T-shirt that i won for most species, have to admit ive had good fish not wearing it but i tend to wear it most fishing sessions lol

what a crazy bunch anglers are :)
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