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What trace connectors ?

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Just invested in some grauvell continental style rods (culture shock or what ) but having a problem as i like to leave a swivel or whatever to connect to the trace on the end of my shock leader. But the eyes although sweet as they are ,are to small to thread up through and I am having to cut off and retie every time and It is a right pain...anyone have any ideas. No prizes for the first person who comments get bigger eyes.......
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Ive got two ian golds fx and i cut the swivel off after evry session. (Swivel is at the end of my shock leader) you get use to it . On a positive note while retying you tend to re look at wear and tear on your leader.
Gert. I dont use tampered leaders. But u do use 30/40lbs mainline braid . My shock leader is made of 60lbs braid. And so far i have not had any issues. Though with all braid you could change the leader often (they cheap for a 300m of 60lbs braid..much cheaper than tapered leaders)
Yeah someone mentioned it here on the forum an since i did it i never looked back its so much smoother as well
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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