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How about a run down on kit you have owned and loved/hated

Daiwa TDXU 4-10 10/10
Abu 7000 8/10 (Should hav bought the lever drag)

Shimano Diaflash 12-20 10/10 (Bloody great, nice action good build)
Shimano Charter special TR1000 LD 10/10

Shimano Beast master 20/30 7/10 (Bit heavy for me, tip ring cracked on the first one!)
Shimano TLD 20 8/10 or the reel, 4/10 for my choice as this turned out to be a bit big for the rod, maybe should have bought the 15)

Fladden war bird 20-30 4/10 (Nice slim blank but a bit stiff)
Okuma Magda 30DX 6/10 good first reel but showed signs of wear quickly

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beach rods:

Leeda riptide multi, excellent budget rod had about a year and love it.

Shakespeare 13ft, another good budget rod.

Always take my leeda rimspin 10ft for close in work. good fun and a challenge for anything sizeable.

for beach casting a pair of abu mag elite premiums, what can I say, amazing reels that have made me half competent. my casting has improved dramatically with the confidence I have in the mag brakes.

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Going back a long time, had a silver ABU 6500C - Loved this reel, helped me to really get good at unpicking birds nests, and then eventually get the hang of casting without making a mess of things.

Graduated on to an ABU 7000 classic which kept me going for a long time.

Recently moved onto a couple of 525 mag slidy's which have been full proof since I have had them - very forgiving reels.

My fav rod has been a 12ft Conoflex blank whipped up into a rod by a local tackle shop which I have had for 20 years. Had a lot of abuse, but has never let me down yet. I may even have to retire it before I break it.

Other rod is a 13ft Penn Villain I have had for about 6 months - very impressed so far with it.

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Have had to many to list, worst fixed spool , Daiwa df 90 ,big heavy lump,but got you out there . Best fixed spool Shimano 8000 aerlex , nice all round reel , alot lighter than the old days. Worst multi intrepid sea streak ,when using this reel ear plug were advised .Best multi Abu 6500 rocket ,wish i still had it ,got nicked with the car years ago. Worst rod big heavy solid glass broom handle that grandad gave me .Best rod 13ft Greys Apollo ,bought the blank and rung it up for fixed spool ,It's brill ,magic,fab love it like a baby,I also have a Conoflex Scorpion rung for multi ,verdict still out , not had it long.

I only boat fish now, i need to be on water, a word of warning to those thinking of moving from shore to open sea, it's very addictive!!!

My current kit are all fitted with braid, i fish out of Weymouth where big tides mean heavier leads:

Penn 12-20lb 7'6" with Penn 310
The extra length keeps you away from others on a busy boat, particularly great for bassing (lure and livebait work), and flatties/bream

A very responsive glass tip with masses of backbone in the last 2/3rds. Coupled with very reliable reels

Penn 16lb class "Giller Thriller" 8'6" with Abu 7000 BG7000 Lever Drag

I think Penn with their American background for "Sports/Game" (as they call it) fishing have come up with a "peach" of a blank as with their 12-20 proper fuji rings, good looking, just lovely

Coupled with an Abu 7000 LD at 5.3:1 a fantastic combo for some brilliant New Season Pollack, incredible fun!

There are some mad prices for Penn rods at the moment, and from experience i would'nt hesitate, i was happy to pay full price at the time and they were well worth the money back then.

Shimano 20-30lb Beastmaster 6'6" with Shimano Charter Special TR2000 LD

For heavier reef and wrecking work very strong blank well finished, alittle short and heavy, but the newer Mark 2 versions are at 7ft. The 2000 Lever drag in my opinion is faultless, but they need respect and looking after, drag is so so smooth!

I am currently looking for a 50lb class plus reel for wreck conger any recommendations?

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boat gear

abu ambassadure 20/30 shimano charter special 2000
28lb braid. cracking combo.

shimano beastmaster 30lb tld 20 40lb braid.
heavy combo for wrecking,blonde rays or when fishing big tides with 1.5lb of lead.

ryobi uptider with slosh 30.
will handle tope/smoothies/rays/cod.

shimano solstace uptider.only a 4/8 but way to stiff in the tip.very dissapointed with it and have gone back to my old ryobi.

beach gear

mustad viking power 12.6 with slosh 30
good for big baits big fish big tides.

daiwa moonraker 12 ft ryobi project 7000gtx fixed spool
sits well in the tide and shows up bites o.k

shakey odessa bass and daiwa 7ht
lovely light combo and rod is a bargain at around £50

just ordered a julian shambrook rubber shark will let you know what i think

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Talk about being an addictive and espensive hobby - I've only been at it for a year and already the following have found their way into my bag:

Abu Suveran Pro Uptide 4 - 10oz. 10/10
Daiwa Team TDX Uptider, 4 - 8oz. 8/10
Shakespeare Ugly Stick 15lb boat. 7/10
Trophy Tamer Steelhead Spinning rod. 10/10
Abu Suveran Pro Boat 30/50. 9/10
Abu Suveran Pro Boat 12/20. 10/10
11ft Bass Rod (can't remember the make) 8/10

Penn 975 International. 10/10
Abu 7000C4LD. 9/10
Abu 7000C3. 10/10
Abu 6500LD. 10/10
Shimano TLD30.8/10

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Hi Lofty,

I use a Shimano TLD 20 coupled with a Daiwa TDXB 2050 and 50lb Whiplash for my Conger fishing.

This combo brought up a 100lb+ Conger last August without any trouble. The weight was estimated by the skipper and returned after the pics.


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